Rotterdam Photo

Gregor Kallina

“The iron ore mine in the  swedish city of Kiruna above the polar circle is hosting the biggest single iron ore body of the world. Mining operations are making the city to sink into the ground, therefore in 2004 the municipality of Kiruna started a unique project, the so called “city transformation” (“stadsomvandlingen”) to move the city centre and around 30 of its most important cultural heritage buildings 3 kilometres away to some different sites by building a new centre from scratch. The first building finished was the new city hall in 2018.

This is a visual approach to the often paradox relationship between the mine and the city: Economic progress vs. preserving the cultural heritage, changing of urban landscapes because of natural or man-made events, environmental and cultural impact of big mining operations and mankind´s constant attempt to undertake huge efforts to continue an alleged path to happiness. This is a visual story that plays with the complex relationship between dependence, necessity, and nostalgia.”


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Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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