Rotterdam Photo

Giorgia Pastorelli

Make it better

The project ‘Make it better’ is a graphic representation, in an ironic and light-hearted way, of finding the good in ourselves and transposing it into the things around us. This, however, does not mean creating a distorted perception of reality, but on the contrary managing to have a positive view of everyday life, even if it does not seem to be the best. 

It is a hymn to the search for inner balance, calmness and serenity, so that external events do not bring excessive disturbance, or at least do not make us doubt ourselves, because our personality and being are well established and defined. I made it with a mix of techniques. 

The images were taken with an analogue camera. Once printed, I started to embroider on them, making my vision real. My artistic research wants to investigate the innermost aspects of the human soul, through photography, which for me takes on a cathartic function: an aid to understanding and self-understanding, as well as delving into universal themes.

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Rotterdam Photo

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