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Gilles Tarabiscuité (to be edit)

Dis/Augmented Reality

‘Dis/Augmented Reality’ is an immersive installation made up of a real space (an existing room in a house) in which are added objects of numerical appearance but quite real. 

The objective is to build a “real” space that is similar to the environments artificially generated by computers (metaverse). It is this room in color (red) with its furniture and digital objects that will be presented in the container of the Rotterdam Photo Festival. 

The second part of the exhibition consists in putting on a virtual reality helmet. Ironically, what we will see will be the simple and “real” reality of the living room before its transformation.With these experiments, I explore the relationship between man and machine and the reception/perception of images in the context of digital technologies and artificial intelligence. One of my intentions with this project is to underline, to highlight the thin and increasingly tenuous border between the real and virtual worlds.

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Rotterdam Photo

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