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Galina Agafonova

Galina Agafonova presents works from two completed projects “Oasis. Penetration”(2020) and “Broken people”(2019). Firstly, “Oasis. Permeation” is about the variability of reality. Like an oasis in the desert, mirrors symbolize the possibility of life transforming from one state into another, like an inseparable unity and antagonism created by man and nature. A mirror is not a portal into a parallel universe, but rather a fringe separating things visible to you and surrounding you in the moment.

Project “Broken people” is a series of portraits about states when a person feels overwhelmed, experiencing strong emotions, losses, failures and storms of life. Agafonova’s work makes us reflect on the following questions: What happens to us when we feel overwhelmed or depressed? How do we change when we overcome failures? What “grows” through our cracks and faults? As a bonus there are photos from the project “Fata Morgana”, which is about the illusion of everyday life and nature and urbanism.


Instagram: @sky5s 

Facebook: Галина Агафонова

Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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