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Gabriela Kükelhahn | Sophie Whetton

Still isolated, for your eyes

Positions make a conversation: two artists are in opposite social, economical and spacious stages of their lives, one is a voice sounding out singularly in a rural setting with a growing family, the other as a single unit in an unfamiliar location. 

Sophie Whetton’s still life arrangements hone in on details discovered through long periods of looking at the home interior. It is a notice of colour, light and texture. Gabriela Kükelhahn presents a past self in still moments taken from temporary accommodation. Her portraits of fleeting longing reflect back into nature’s cycles in spring. The nude self-portrait as an expression of radical human softness merges both voices into the exhibition. 

Sophie Whetton is based in Flobecq (BE) graduated with an MA from LUCA School of Arts (BE) is an artist-voice currently working with instant photography mediums. Gabriela Kükelhahn, temporarily based in Mannheim (GER), due to graduate with an MA from Hochschule Düsseldorf (GER), is an artist-curator working with photography archives and spaces.

Instagram Gabriela Kükelhahn: @kuekelhahn

Instagram Sophie Whetton: @sophiewhetton



© Sophie Whetton

© Gabriela Kükelhahn

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