Rotterdam Photo

Francisco Gonzalez Camacho (to be edit)


‘Elsewhere’ explores ideas such as displacement, the landscape as a coping strategy and nature as  transcendental space. Poetic narration, references to pictorialism and the use of infrared photography, are some of the present elements in this body of work. 

Challenging the restless feeling of not belonging, otherness and cultural constraints, the landscape  has offered me a cathartic relief, shaping a renewed sense of connectedness with nature. 

Making both real and imaginary landscapes, I dissolve space and time, creating an interruption, an  absence, giving a feeling of being elsewhere. Reality is suspended, reminding us we are just a small part of nature, united with it. 

There is an invitation, asking us to ponder and reflect, to create a moment of emptiness, a spark of consciousness. In all the nuances of simplicity nature reveals the divine, helping us to understand the world through an act of solitude. Photography becomes an instrument through which I can reveal not only the nature that encloses me, but the nature that reflects the landscape within. 

A silence arises reproducing a calm and precious universe, suspended in time, next to the world itself. A  transcendental space evoking an allegory of a place called home.

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Rotterdam Photo

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