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Fiona Klenke

Under the overall theme of “Still Alive” Fiona Klenke exhibits her Projects  “Psychiatrized – attempt at a (Self-) Portrait”, “actually autistic” and a  collection of single and paired images. Different aspects of being in this world  as a normativity-defying (mad and disabled) human come together in these  projects and pictures. 

“Actually Autistic” follows the author’s process of  unearthing and unmasking part of herself that had gone overloaded in the  process of growing a person from the blueprint. 

Staged model shots, less  staged self portraits and still live objects work together as a kaleidoscope of the  difficulties and joys of this process. 

“Psychiatrized” has a much more social,  communal focus. Margins of Identity, freedom and dignity come into focus and  as such experiences of power-lost-ness. The collage style offers multi-layered appropriations of a psychiatrized being in an attempt to reconcile the dilemma  of Internal feelings and thoughts (having to be) discussed externally and  external treatment shunted into the internal.

Instagram: @fionafotokunst

Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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