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Fabian Weiss

In the heat of the day

Algorithms are structuring our world and are at the forefront of shaping our current and future bodies. We are increasingly intertwined with algorithmic devices as we consume information, inhabit space and relate to the world around us. Calculative operations transform the nature of human subjectivity, pushing at the limits of what can be read, analyzed and thought about, and with new forms of data aggregation come also more advanced forms of profiling human behavior. Modern self-tracking systems are increasingly generating private data—like blood pressure, sleep cycles, reproductive health status, and exact locations, to name a few, and we are becoming more and more a transparent user who in return is being greeted by an algorithmically designed life. Today, our bodies nearly cannot escape some sort of measurement, identification, and data generation anymore. 

Fabian Weiss’ series “In the heat of the day” looks at algorithmic structuring of the world by exploring and rearranging location data from fitness trackers and visually exposing the traces we leave in the cloud, acting as a driver of debate around topics of privacy, safety, and obedience.


Instagram: @fabianweiss 

Rotterdam Photo

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