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Emanuel Aeneas

wieczny odpływ i przypływ


Through photographs, moving images and sound-recordings Emanuel Aeneas reflects on the last chapter in his grandmother Baba’s life and its impact on the family.

Baba suffers from dementia and is barely able to go about her daily life without help. Despite this, she insists on living alone in the countryside. Only after the outbreak of the Covid-19 pandemic and an accident Baba agrees to move in with one of her daughters in the city. 

Baba and her two daughters have a very complicated relationship.

Baba refuses any diagnosis or treatment and puts her fate in God’s hands. Slowly but steadily, the disease is erasing her memories. At the same time, fragments from the past emerge, old wounds that are at the root of the ambivalent relationship between daughters and mother.

As the dementia progresses, Baba increasingly switches to her second mother tongue, Polish. Wieczny odpływ i przypływ = Eternal ebb and flow = A line from the song “So oder so ist das Leben” by Hildegard Knef, which Baba likes to recite. 


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