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Once Upon a Time when I was young, there was a revolution in my country. My fellow countrymen and I grew up within the framework of that revolution. Since that time in 2011, the youth have learned hard lessons about the cost of freedom; they lost relatives and dreams and their hopes turned to ashes. Many events cannot be explained and many dreams have been deferred. It is hard to let go. Our souls are in pain and our minds are confused. We have lost our companions and our bodies are disfigured. 

“You will not see the sun again” is a long-term personal documentary photography project reflecting on the shared human experiences of suffering, loss, and trauma. Violence has become a tool of new state-building in the middle east, especially for those who demand political freedom. 

The portfolio photographs are a mix of three recent projects. The first project “Executions, disappearances, and trauma of minors and youth in Egypt” comprises 12 stories and was sponsored by AFAC Arab Documentary Photography Program. The next project relates to physical and mental changes in victims of war. Finally, there is a body of work depicting clashes and protests which I have documented since the age of 17.

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Rotterdam Photo

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