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Dolf Pereboom

Dance, Move, Pause’ is an ongoing project Dolf Pereboom has been working on for the past six years, in collaboration with dancers from all corners of the earth who work in the Netherlands. DMP is inspired by the energy and beauty that dancers express with their movements.
Catching the dancer’s movements and prolonging these movements by not completely freezing them in the moment, but allowing movement blur, accentuates their energy and the resulting diffuse contours add a poetic quality to the images. Images that are complemented by those of the moments between the movements, just before it starts or right after it ends. 
The mostly black and white images reflect improvisational moves of contemporary dancers in the photo studio. More than two dozen dancers, both male and female, have participated in the project to date and it is by no means completed.
Pereboom is currently preparing a series of small books for this project.


Instagram: @dolfpereboom

Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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