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Diewke van den Heuvel


Raising a child in this rapidly changing world is hard, I struggle with it every day. We make a mess of this world, how do I let him grow into a person in the next era?!

Grow up and be.

To call myself a photographer or filmmaker on its own, is not enough.  Image making contains so much more. It also is a responsibility to think  about who you give space to, who you show and how. What do you give  back, learning from that and evolving as I am. I am not afraid to make  mistakes and am actively working on that. Fighting for equality in all  layers of human beings. It is an inner search to become a better person  for my surroundings, for the people around me and the world.

A lot of the research that I am doing has to do with learning how to be  a good ally for people who are marginalised and how you can make images  that question gender, even creating  a new gaze.  How can I use  my privileges for the greater good, give my platform to others and  rethink my own position so we can grow together into a future without  inequality. That makes me question almost everything.

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Rotterdam Photo

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