Rotterdam Photo

David Wills

Now I’m here

I walk. It’s meditation. It switches me on.

This on-ness relaxes me as I pilfer images, sometimes at a furious pace, gathering particulars about the place I find myself in. Eyes dart, furtively.

Like you, maybe, I’m trying to make sense of our world.

I’m confounded by much that I see. The mounting detritus that our unequal capitalist culture demands and forces upon us. Consumption fueled by feel-good marketing, underpinned by FOMO. Little matters other than our convenience and as we proliferate, production keeps pace.

Graffiti adds colour, the sometimes mean messages scrawled on walls.

What flows into our waterways? What is the effect it has on non-human life?

Data, in the hands of unseen others. The profit they take, the loss we make. Do we question who controls our freedom? Do we care? • Expect disappointment. 

While oblivion can be defined as being unaware or unconscious of what is happening, it’s more an ignoring of it. We’re often aware, we just choose to consider a problem too difficult to tackle, or decide that no matter what we do, we won’t have an effect. But it’s when we take up the fight that we discover what freedom, redefined or not, is.

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Rotterdam Photo

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