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Claudia Fuggetti



The discovery of the brain area where dreams are generated is relatively recent, it  is located exactly above the nape and is called the “hot zone”. Hot Zone documents  the unfolding of a lucid dream, placing the viewer in the balance between fiction  and reality, in which photography becomes the proof of its existence.  

I started this work in 2019: I was suffering from insomnia and was very anxious  about the fate of the human being and the environment, which was seriously  compromised. The images present on a subconscious layer are transformed into a  visual journey in which memories and hallucinations connect with each other, giving  rise to psychedelic worlds. The relationship with nature is complex: the places  photographed take on unusual colors and mirror the tension of the human being  with regard to the future of the Earth. 

Within the project, there are documentary images produced by a neural network I  created that try to overcome the limits of the human mind.

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Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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