Rotterdam Photo

Chantal Aimée Ehrhardt

Chantal Aimée Ehrhardt has a love for mime, dance and being without words. 

“It’s fascinating how much can be communicated with just body language.”

A theme that often returns in her work is hiding. She hides behind a flower or a leaf. Perhaps not surprising, because in real life Chantal finds it challenging to make herself seen and heard. She has, however, a great desire to show herself and to stand firmly with both feet on the ground. This desire leads to an ongoing quest which she uses in her work.

“Play and experiment is of big importance to my work process. The starting point can be anything. From an orange autumn leaf to dance choreography.”

She takes this inspiration to the studio and starts experimenting with it. Most of the time the pictures will become portraits starring herself.

Instagram: @chantal_aimee_ehrhardt

Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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