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Cas Slagboom

As I remember is a series of images about the curious relationship between our body and our self-awareness. From an incomprehensible nothingness physical matter is formed, and parallel to it our consciousness of it, but they are two different experiences.

It is difficult for us to view our bodies without judgment. That judgment strongly depends on the non-material self-image: the memory we have about ourselves.

This series is an investigation into how these material and ethereal experiences can come together in one image, and where the boundaries lie in what we can still see as human identity.

Our body and our identity are inextricably linked. The “I” does not manifest itself primarily in a place, or in a context of others, but in the most basic form of living: our body.

It was not here or there

It was only who,

That was what you felt so clearly

As I remember is also part of the HABITAT project of Cas Slagboom and is published in his Photographic Essay which recently won a Gold Award in the category Fine Art Book at the Budapest International Fotoawards. 


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Rotterdam Photo

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