Rotterdam Photo

Caroline Boissier


Triggered by disconnection with the outside world, the confined artist used the opportunity to work with her vast archive of photographs and create a project based on the concept of connection.

In times of a pandemic, we globally face a life of physical-social isolation due to, ironically, the planet’s spatial connectivity. In this context, physical distance has proven to be crucial yet irrelevant to the idea of connectedness itself as connections between people live beyond the physical space…

Poverty, race, environment and the many other social issues and inequalities are what unite us and no matter how far we thought we were from one another, we all face those challenges as a collective whole.

The project is built on 3 variables – no man’s lands, human beings and the realities that connect us. Those supposedly unrelated elements, once assembled, become indissociable. The handwritten crossed latitude-longitude coordinates create a third unrelated point on the earth’s surface – exemplifying the idea of interconnectivity not bided by physical location.  

Additional mixed media works, No Stranger, on the notion of connection through the study of portraits and latitude-longitude coordinates complement the project. 

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Rotterdam Photo

Willemsplein 85, 3016 DR Rotterdam.

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