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Carole Rey

Forty Plus

‘Forty Plus’ is a body of work that documents and conceptualises feminine sensuality above forty years old. Paradoxically, in Western society, the more a woman grows old and confident, the more she disappears in any kind of representation. While being in full possession of their body and its capacities, liberated from their upbringing and from the expectations of a patriarchal society, forty plus women remain too often hidden, forgotten, as if invisible.

‘Forty Plus’ is a delicate visual journey through Carole Rey’s intimate wardrobe mixed with botanical elements as a metaphorical representation of the feminine gaze.

This series is an ode to femininity and sensuality, an invitation to see and embrace beauty in all its manifestations and imperfection, a lullaby to sing the incredible feeling of freedom and inner power that we reach in what can be considered  middle-life.

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