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ATOM spent years travelling around the world. The experience gained from the trip raised many questions for himself.

What does it mean for happiness and purpose of living? And the fundamental question is, “Why was I born in Japan at this age?”

He thought about living as a Japanese, and as a modern man. Being aware of Japan’s identity, we take modern photographs with the motif of symbols that symbolize Japan and print them on Japan’s most valuable handmade Japanese paper.

This project consists of three sections: HINOMARU, KIMONO and TORII. Among them, the HINOMARUand TORII will be exhibited.

HINOMARU is an alias name of the Japanese flag.

TORII is a gate commonly found at the shrine.

This minimalistic photography series raises questions to modern society, makes the viewer face and think about the present age as well as imagine the future. Today, we live in a rational, material world; we have too much information, and too much stuff. In exchange,  there are things we have lost.

What is happiness to you? What does abundance mean to you? 

From the age of materialism to the age of mind.

Look at these minimal photos.

How do you create the future?


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Rotterdam Photo

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