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Angie Nam

From That Day


Following the pandemic, the sense of isolation not only once made the world seem silent, but also put her in an endless emptiness. While going through several days of locking herself in her small room due to the pandemic and her underlying medical condition, Angie Nam experienced a confusing time of uncertainty and anxiety. 

As a lens-based artist, a fear of possible vision loss and consequential death from lymphoma made her perceive her surroundings in a different way. She experienced distorted memory and constant hallucinations due to the depression, anxiety, and loneliness of separating herself from the world. 

The series of images in her project, From That Day, illustrates the fragments of her memory and chaotic emotions that have constantly accumulated and been lost during both physical and mental isolation. Each image in the project becomes a response to how she felt and perceived her surroundings while questioning her existence of being in the endless loss and pain. Even though all details of her images are abstracted, faded, blurred, and distorted, the project illustrates a sentimental collection of absences moving beyond a series documenting the chaotic period.


Instagram: @ngienam

Rotterdam Photo

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