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Alexandra Brodsky

The William Carlos Williams dictate, No Ideas but In Things resonates deeply with photographer Alexandra Brodsky: Art is inextricably tied to daily life. We do not have to make or consider it to stay alive and yet it feels profoundly urgent during these times. 

The series Home in The Natural World  forms a collective portrait of her twins Sammy and Ava. They  are not passive subjects but collaborators.  The images are both documentary fact and staged fiction.  They  are  intentionally not romantic but  grounded in specific details: Ava’s pale blue blanket; the tan line on Sammy’s  skin. The lush greenness of the grass against their pale intertwined legs; these are the expressions of their flourishing nature. It speaks of their ever changing bodies and – as their mother – a heightened anxiety over the safety of these bodies in an increasingly hostile world. Alexandra’s work aspires to express both the deepest intimacy  of motherhood and the ephemeral exquisiteness of childhood. 


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Rotterdam Photo

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