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Alessio Mattia Ferrara

Photographer Alessio Mattia Ferrara was looking for a way to capture the unprecedented, pandemic times to show his daughter when she gets older. He shot various photos, but none of the pedestrian’s heads tilted in sorrow with masks on their faces, convinced him that they were the right story for children. Alessio almost gave up on this idea, until he noticed a young man in a phone store taking selfies on the displayed smartphone and making funny faces, all while wearing a mask.

Intrigued by this sight, he went to look at the images the young man had taken. Only his eyes were visible, but despite the times of covid19, his euphoria and carelessness were captured. Alessio Mattia Ferrara knew that he had found what he was looking for – an unusual photo in an ordinary moment. This series is for his daughter, to show a collection of spontaneous photos filled with humor, rather than fear and sadness. He reminds us to not lose our smile and joy, even in difficult moments.

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Rotterdam Photo

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